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Listen to the album below!

Image: Supplied.

Pop luminary Charli XCX has delivered the ultimate ravers soundtrack with her sixth studio album, Brat, featuring the singles Von dutch, Club classics, B2b and 360.

Known to always push the boundaries, brat finds Charli going harder than ever before. High-octane soundscapes demand you attention, whilst her inimitable vocals and phrasing stomp atop. The albums sonic journey feels like a speed chase within a hyper-pop realm darting between every thread of the genre to create an enriching listening experience.

Beyond the albums brash and unapologetic nature, there's an intimacy embedded within the more introspective tracks that find the singer mining her own insecurities to create connecting moments with listeners - most expertly exhibited on I might say something stupid and Sympathy. Charli documents and navigates the emotions that arise surrounding her fame, and the influence it holds on her life. Of course, the albums more emotive lyrical moments are accompanied by feel-good and defiant tracks that is sure to enter everyday mantras.

brat is out now!


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