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On his latest solo venture, Luke Hemmings sheds the beaming glow of life in the spotlight to offer an introspective and intimate documentation of his journey from boyhood to adulthood.

Across the seven tracks, Hemmings begins to come to terms with life in the spotlight. Whilst his profile began to grow as 5SOS reached worldwide audiences between 2011-2014, He ruminates on the effects of fame, growing up away from his family, and trying to understand just who he is beneath his rockstar bravado. This vulnerability allows for the musician to delve deeper into his emotions and capture the juxtaposition of inner turmoil and exterior success.

The sometimes disorientating duality of his life is embedded within each song, beginning with I'm Still Your Boy. Here, he reflects on teenage stardom and the trauma that can accompany the shining light that fame shrouded him within. Shakes draws on subdued 80's influences to create a nostalgia-fuelled soundscape whilst exploring feelings of loneliness and longing for self-acceptance. The pairing of Shakes and Benny make a couplet of songs that find Hemmings' longing for the comfort and security of his hometown.

Hemmings offers up insight into his own mental health, addressing his own anxieties, depression and fears - most prevalent on Close My Eyes and Promises. Meanwhile Garden Life is an ode to the places and people that pull him back into a space of love and comfort. He explores loss and suffering on Close Enough To You, painting vivid imagery with storytelling lyricism that is derived from a shattering pain.

On boy, Hemmings expands upon his sonic palette and introduces new sounds - citing LCD Soundsystem and the Cocteau Twins as influences. Hemmings teamed up with longtime collaborator Sammy Witte (Maggie Rogers, Harry Styles, Halsey) to craft this new world, one fuelled by melancholia and reflection. Ethereal and dreamy soundscapes run rampant throughout the EP, unfurling beneath his bewitching vocals, effortlessly weaving together threads of indie-rock and shoegaze to create an engaging listening experience.

boy is out now!


with special guests The Buoys and Annie Hamilton

Wednesday 12 June - Palais Theatre, Melbourne - FINAL TICKETS

Thursday 13 June – Enmore Theatre, Sydney - NEW SHOW

Friday 14 June – Enmore Theatre, Sydney - SOLD OUT

Sunday 16 June – The Tivoli, Brisbane - FINAL TICKETS


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