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Robot Jaw Records have today revealed their latest initiative, The Be Good Project. Featuring artists from within the music and arts community, the collaborative project explored mental health from multiple individual perspectives whilst also providing practical support for mental health charities.

Twenty seven artists and musicians joined forces to create a compilation album and a visual book containing a collection of artwork and lyrics from the album. The record features 14 unreleased demos, alternate or acoustic versions of studio tracks and brand new songs, whilst the book features 13 new artworks. The record features artists such as Marigolden, The Crane District, Damaged Goods Club, Trace Decay Quiet Blue, Nat Vazer and more, with artworks from Luna Tunes, Emma Winton, Lara Prokop, Shannon Mary, Anna Moore, Alisha Watford, Beniah Colbourn and more. The album and visual book will be available to purchase in a bundle through Bandcamp, with 100% of profits going directly to Beyond Blue.

Australian mental health and wellbeing support organisation Beyond Blue offers information and support programs to help individuals dealing with mental health issues. The organisation has set out to promote mental health and wellbeing, providing a safe space for individuals to feel safe to open up about their struggles.

The Be Good Project is out now, available here. Find out more about some of the artists and musicians featured below.


The solo project from Angelo Rosas-Ortiz, The Crane District delivers lo-fi pop with the brevity and honesty of a poet. With a soul deeply rooted in folk and rock but with modern production and versatility, The Crane District has an infectious charm that is

hard to shake.

Oozing with pastel pinks, ice cream drips and Freudian slips, Damaged Goods Club are the latest badass sad-girls on the Melbourne music scene.

Boasting a musical bain-marie of tongue-in-cheek lyrics, floaty vocals and cute ‘n’ edgy vibes, Damaged Goods Club provide a cynical yet uplifting commentary on the world around them, welcoming everyone into the club with their relatable, self deprecating style.

Rising from an innate desire to deliver the world a healthy dose of Melancholy dream pop, Trace Decay have carved out a niche in the Australian music industry with their unique and charismatic approach to song writing. The band came together in late 2018 after front man Jordan De Pas wrote a slew of tracks as a means to showcase his love for indie music after spending years in the electronic music scene both here and abroad. As most bands do, Jordan and Jeri met each other while attending university in Melbourne, coming together over a shared love for indie rock and hot chips. The duo have since released multiple singles which have garnered support from national youth broadcaster Triple J, as-well as community radios and music blogs around the country. After releasing their recent single Photobooth, the band are on the heels of releasing their debut EP

Nat Vazer is a songwriter from Melbourne. She enjoys popcorn, 90s films and recording music in unorthodox places.

Her debut single 'Keep Away From Parks!' quickly caught the ears the Triple J and was named a Triple J presenter favourite on Unearthed in 2018. Since the launch of her debut EP ('We Used To Have Real Conversations'), Nat has gone on to support Lime Cordiale on tour, Last Dinosaurs, #1 Dads, Carla Geneve and has joined the festival line ups of St Kilda Fest, Changes, Kyneton Music Festival, Not Fest and more.

Her debut album 'Is This Offensive And Loud?' will be out in May 2020 on Hotel Motel Records.


I am a Visual Artist from Melbourne. I have always drawn and now am mostly illustration based but I’m big into painting now on wood, walls, clothes and found objects. I’m getting more into video art and animation. My art is many many things to me but probably / definitely something else to you. To me my art is memories, its day dreams. Its meditation. It’s time and space. Its science. It’s little spirits. Its ideas. Its moments. It records. Its feelings. Collected items in a pocket. Lots of other stuff ~ all hopefully balanced together in some way that seems just right in my gut

Emma Winton is a Graphic Designer / Illustrator living in Melbourne. Her design style is inspired by anything botanical, fashion trends and a touch of mid century. To see more please visit her website.

Anna is an illustrator and graphic designer from Melbourne, Victora. She aims to create work that is both fun and impactful, while maintaining her own distinctive style. She maintains the belief that that if her illustrations leave you with a smile on your face, her work is done.

I'm a Melbourne based graphic designer and creative. I work with a mix of mediums, techniques and subject matters, most recently rediscovering my love for canvas painting in lockdown


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