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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


NOSTALGIA IS A LIAR is out on vinyl today!

To celebrate the release of his debut EP, NOSTALGIA IS A LIAR, on vinyl for Record Store Day, we visited Hum on King in Sydney with Hugo Basclain where he spoke to us about his five favourite albums on vinyl!

Each year in April, Record Store Day comes to town and vinyl lovers flock to their local independent record stores to pick up their most beloved albums on vinyl, as well as limited edition and exclusive pressings. Coming together to support local business and share their love for music, this year exclusive events will be happening across the country with a bevy of limited edition pressings of releases from some of your favourite local artists. Find out more here!

'It’s a compilation of stories that I feel have impacted me, and shaped me as a person and as an artist. It’s mainly centered around one heavy break up + some pretty essential parts of my life that have shaped who I am today.” Basclain shares of the EP.

"This [is the most] surreal experience ever. Still lost for words about this. Limited edition white vinyl for Record Store Day this Saturday. Don't know what to say, crazy" the musician says upon seeing his vinyl in stores for the first time.

NOSTALGIA IS A LIAR is out now, with limited edition vinyl available at select record stores nationwide.


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