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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos



Image: Jeff Andersen Jnr.

The musical project of Nic Georgiou, Quiet Blue's debut EP is an exploration of electronic music, delving deeper into the world of production, creating raw and intimate soundscapes which soundtrack Georgiou's unique style of lyricism.

Opening with the haunting and atmospheric Come Into The Water, the musician sets the scene for the raw and intimate soundscapes that are to follow. Georgiou's mesmerising vocals captivate your attention instantly, holding it throughout the rest of the EP. On 2AM, the musician embraces a more pop infused sound, bringing excellent dynamic percussion that almost has a hip-hop tinge, accompanied by bubbling synths. The track conceptually explores insomnia, a theme somewhat weaved throughout the release, with The Nights exploring late night loneliness atop lush production with emotive lyricism that navigates the introspective thoughts of the late hours.

Georgiou has mastered creating an atmospheric track, expertly exhibited on Wrong. Built upon acoustic guitar and hip-hop inspired beats, the song showcases the musicians textured and rich vocals, as well as his diversity as a songwriter, before returning to the dark-pop sensibilities on IKYWTL. Closing with Are We On A One Way Train, Georgiou ends the EP on a vulnerable note, having created a body of work that feels as cinematic as it is captivating and mesmerising.

On Before Dawn, Georgiou creates an all consuming, atmospheric soundscape, ushering in new sonic sounds compared to his previous releases. Each moment on the record feels considered, yet also as if they were magical moments of pure happenstance. The record is a love letter to the night, exploring all the wonder, dreams and insecurities one can experience in the late hours.

4/5 stars.

Before Dawn is out now!


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