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Watch the clip below, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Kiarney Mulyono.

Australian musician Joshual is gearing up to drop his new single, Elevators. If you can't wait to give the track a spin, you can watch the songs music video right here on MILKY!

Fusing together threads of alt-psychedelia and R&B, the tracks swelling soundscape unfurls beneath Joshual's tender and luring vocals with smooth and sultry horn work laced throughout. The song finds the singer longing for a deep connection, unsure of if his feelings are reciprocated by the one he desires. Directed by France-based cinematographer Paul Fraysse, we meet a contemporary dancer performing cliffside, capturing the mystery and intrigue present on the track.

"Having released my first single Surrounds a month ago after a two year hiatus, Elevators is the second track of my forthcoming EP... The song is an introspective commentary laced with inner scrutiny and a desire for intimate resonance." the musician shares of the track. "Elevators is the next evolution of my artistry and the smooth blend of genres is a true representation of my sound."

Watch the visual below!

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