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Watch the visual here, exclusively on MILKY!

MILKY interviews Andreww.

British musician Andreww is gearing up for the release of his new single, Surprise. If you're a big fan of him like us and can’t wait to give the track a spin, you can watch the official visual premiering right here on MILKY!

Taking a sonic turn, the latest release from the musician builds itself upon a lighter and brighter soundscape when juxtaposed with his previous releases and showcases Andreww's versatility as an artist and songwriter. His transfixing vocals ring atop propulsive beats and twisted guitars. Directed by Felix Aaron, the songs visual sees the musician performing the track, whilst we follow a young man, played by Mitja Over, as he is stood up by his lover.

Speaking of the track, Andreww shares: As I'm getting older I'm thinking more about the notion of time and if you're not careful days bleed into months and months bleed into years and before you know it you haven’t been part of your own life. Regarding the sound of the new song I wanted to try something a bit different but still make sure it has my signature sound and I really think that we managed to do that.”

Having modelled and walked for high-fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Versace and Dior, Andreww weaves together the many facets of his creativity to form his own dynamic projects. His thematic and emotive releases provide a refreshing outlook to composing, unshackled by committing to a specific lane, instead creating authentic genre-defying soundscapes to run wild within.

Watch the visual below!

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