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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the music video now, premiering now on MILKY!

Image: David Niacaris.

American musician Teddy at Night is back with his new single, Blueberry Water! If you're a Teddy at Night fan like us, you can catch the music video for his new song, premiering right here on MILKY!

Filmed on location in the musicians neighbourhood of East Nashville, the visual depicts the musician causing a ruckus, prowls the empty streets, smashes guitars and singing in the shower, all while giving us that signature Teddy at Night charm. Conceptually, the song navigates love in its many facets, exploring how it bends, breaks, mends and consumes you, starting from the very first kiss. The song references the musicians own relationship, touching on when he first met his wife, who was drinking blueberry vodka and water when they shared their first kiss.

Speaking of the visual, the musician shares: “The 80s culture was such a risky time when people were trying more than they ever had - with art, with drugs, with people. It was such an exciting time to grow and learn and express yourself. I’m hoping that this reckless, Palm Springs 80s mobster vibe translates.”

After working as a touring drummer for artists all over the globe,Teddy Boldt has taken centre stage, singing and performing as the artist Teddy At Night. Influenced by the likes of Tears For Fears and Phil Collins, Teddy at Night brings all that serves up 80s nostalgia goodness, with a modern twist. Having grown up in sunny Palm Springs and immersing himself within 80's music, the genre embedded itself within the musicians creative side, naturally pouring out into his compositions.

Blueberry Water is out now! Watch the music video below.


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