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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the music video now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Stefan Roberts

Husband and wife musical duo Terrible Sons are about to drop the music video for their new single, What A Friend, directed by Dan Watson. If you’re like us and can’t wait, watch the visual right here on MILKY before its release!

Filmed on location at an old schoolhouse in Waitata, Little Port Cooper, the visual depicts the duo within the space and its surrounding area, creating a notion of loneliness and isolation, mirroring the conceptual standpoint of the track. The stunning scenery provides the perfect landscape for the minimal acoustic track to play out within, evoking strong imagery that plays on the lyrics throughout the song.

Speaking of the visual, the duo share: "Lauren had found this beautiful location at Waitata, Little Port Cooper, where the only remaining building was an old schoolhouse from the 1880's. It's really remote and is a two hour walk from Te Pohue, Camp Bay which is opposite Lyttelton harbour. Fortunately Sam who is the farmer and owner took us and the gear over the hill on his four wheeler. You can stay in the schoolhouse, it's online. It has a colourful history as a colonial whaling station and a century ago had a community of up to 30 people. Lauren liked the idea that it was isolated and felt lonely, with the remains of the settlement all around. We think the song feels lonely and troubled and we thought we could just feel the location and it would make the narrative. It's really about not being there for someone, not being able to save them, not being able to take someone from their troubles."

What A Friend is out now! Watch the music video below.


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