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Watch the music video now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Supplied.

Brisbane-based indie-pop group Sunflower are about to drop the music video for their new single, Thin Skin, directed by co-vocalist Lawson Doyle and filmed and edited by Aidan McCowan. If you’re like us and can’t wait, watch the visual right here on MILKY before its release!

Filmed across Brisbane at iconic locations such as Fortitude Valley and Victoria Bridge, the visual depicts co-vocalist Kahlia Ferguson journeying from busking on the streets of Brisbane to vast lush landscapes. Conceptually, the clip follows the musician at one of her lowest points, before finding her sense of empowerment, seeing a visible shift in her body language from start to finish.

Speaking of the visual, Ferguson shares: “Filming the music video for 'Thin Skin' was a liberating experience for me. It's such a deeply honest song, and I wanted the visuals to reflect that. My side-hustle at the moment is playing acoustic cover songs at venues, and it can completely drain me of inspiration and creativity at times. No matter how much you give yourself to the performance, there are always backs to you and people talk loudly and the manager asking you to turn the volume down. It gets me down when I let it. The whole scenario of the 'Thin Skin' music video is based around that experience. The character I play begins solemn and lost and finishes very free and empowered. I like the thought that I'm heading in the same direction. With as much love as we have for Brisbane, this feeling of 'small town mentality' was a massive inspiration behind the songwriting.”

To celebrate the release of Thin Skin, Sunflower will take to the stage at The Northern, Byron Bay, ending the year with e headline show. With their eyes set on 2021, the band already have shows penciled in at the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl and The Brightside, Brisbane, Stay Gold and Wrangler Studios, Melbourne and Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney.

Watch the music video below.


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