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South coast based band, DOS ENOS are about to drop the music video for their new single, Land Cruiser, directed by Ryan Hutt. If you’re like us and can’t wait, watch the visual right here on MILKY before its release!

The lo-fi DIY nature of the visual creates a home video holiday quality, depicting the band on a road trip, but is actually in the style of something we as kids would put together when creating our own music videos. Really funky with a lucid storyline. In a world where we now recreate clips online, if this doesn’t become a trend we will be thoroughly disappointed.

Land Cruiser came from an initial idea by Matt Unwin and was elaborated on by fellow band members Joey Winkler, Jared Ross and Jose Morris. With visuals of beefed up 1980’s vehicles against a Mad Max style scape, the idea was then furthered by the experience of wanting to own a 1960’s land cruiser. From the obsession behind finding the car, to the bad experiences with several ‘grumpy’ 60’s series owners, many lyrics were formed from questioning "What you want may not be what you need”, to "Too bad for you, when I called you, you were so rude”.

Speaking of the track, Winkler shares: “The song could be interpreted as a love story or heartbreak, typical hey? But nah its actually about being obsessed with buying a Landcruiser and being let down by grumpy car owners time and time again and losing faith. I drive an old Mazda Bravo now, haha!“

The band have spent the majority of 2020 working on their debut record, due out next year. Self-recorded and produced by the four-piece, the band began working on the record in Winkler’s home studio on the south coast. “It's different from what we have ever done before and super collaborative" Winkler tells MILKY “It's a mesh between old and new influences from The Doors to Unknown Mortal Orchestra.”

Watch the music video below.