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Listen to the track now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Supplied.

Newcastle musician The City is gearing up to release his new single, Tell Me I'm Yours. If you can’t wait to give the track a spin, listen to the song right here on MILKY before its release!

Offering up a new taste of his forthcoming sophomore EP, Tell Me I'm Yours continues the musicians exploration of nostalgic based sounds, as his deep and rich vocals simmer above a funky bass line and scintillating synths. Phillip Hanlon, the musical mind behind The City, delivers on his latest effort, erupting with a massive guitar solo, before ending on a high. Conceptually, the release navigates the uneasy stage of defining a relationship, longing for commitment.

Speaking of the track, Hanlon shares: "Tell Me I’m Yours was the last song I wrote for the EP, being a sort of last-minute attempt to write some- thing. I was a week out from recording the EP, so I just sat down to write something for an hour and came up with this progression and the chorus. I really wanted a softer, easy listening song on the EP, so this was that attempt. Tell Me I’m Yours has now actually turned out to be my favourite song I’ve written, it’s uniqueness really shines through all my other material and for that I just love it.”

Beginning his career as a drummer, Hanlon stepped up to the mic earlier this year, drawing influence from early 2000s indie acts. Having played guitar since the age of six, the musician has expanded his musical understanding, taking a more focused approach to songwriting. Hanlon recorded vocals, guitars, bass and drums on the track, with keys, synths and production from James Osborne. Whilst the current COVID-19 lockdown has thwarted any touring plans, the musician hopes to hit the road across Australia’s east coast later this year.

Listen to Tell Me I'm Yours below!


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