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Husband and wife duo Park Haven are gearing up to release their debut EP, Fragile, set to drop this Friday! If you’re like us and can’t wait, listen to the EP in full right here on MILKY before its release!

Exploring the complexities of relationships, with a particular focus on the common entanglements of romance, the release captures all the excitement and pain set atop textural soundscapes that dazzle. Fragile was written, recorded and self-produced by the duo from their home studio, located in a retro apartment building, which inspired the the name 'Park Haven'

Speaking of the release, Park Haven share exclusively with MILKY: "We come from very different musical background but in Fragile, we’ve found some common ground. The EP reflects our shared taste for poppy vocals, twangy guitar riffs and a healthy serve of 80’s drum machines and synthesisers. You can create a lot of tension with those elements and we’ve used that to express and explore the complexities of relationships, particularly the entanglements of romance.”

Launching in late 2019, the duo made the most 2020 lockdown, using their newfound time to define and refine the common ground of their differing musical backgrounds

of musical theatre and indie rock. The result is their debut EP, fusing together pop inspired vocals with twangy guitar riffs and a whole lot of 80’s drum machines and synthesisers.

Listen to Fragile below.