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Listen to the track, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Savannah van der Niet.

Singer-songwriter Lucas Laufen is gearing up to release his new single, In Cologne. If you can’t wait to give it a spin, listen to the track right here on MILKY before its release!

Offering up a taste of what to expect from the musicians forthcoming studio album, Weathering, the track takes listeners on a journey through Cologne, brought to life through vivid story telling lyricism. Laufen's captivating vocals haunt above a guitar-led soundscape, weaving together warm mesmerising melodies that capture the lyrical tone of the track.

"The song describes the feeling through the city as I walked around in the early evening. I was able to get into The Dom and there was no one around. A giant empty church, cemetery, bars. I arrived at the venue and the staff were getting calls during my show from artists and promoters canceling and we all sat down together at the end, had a drink and toasted to whatever was about to come next.” the musician shares.

Listen to the track below

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