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Listen to the track, premiering now on MILKY!

Image: Maya Luana.

Sydney-based artist Lost Casual is treating us with his new song, Wasting Time, premiering right here on MILKY!

Across the track, the musician recalls on past love and ponders their new life whilst acknowledging he’s yet to move on. Written and produced by Maguire, the musical mind behind Lost Casual, his captivating vocals float above a pulsating soundscape led by moving production that builds towards an expansive chorus that channels the likes of The 1975.

Wasting Time delves into the nostalgia of lost love and the enduring question of 'what if.' It’s a song to remind you that sometimes, the most profound moments are the ones that got away. This a song for every ex I’ve ever had, all the heartbreaks and love lost.” the musician shares.

Weaving together a variety of sonic notes, Maguire creates experimental soundscapes that marry intricate melodies with engaging sonics. Drawing on his own personal experiences, the musician articulates stories and shared perspectives that resonates in a vast yet personal way.

Listen to Wasting Time below!

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