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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Best Songs To Cozy Up To This Winter

Image: Jack Moran.

Sydney-based artist Euan Hart has made his debut with his single, Snowflake. To celebrate the release, the musician has curated a collection of songs for MILKY that serves as the perfect soundtrack to cozy up this winter.

Self-produced by the musician, we're introduced to Hart's warm and melodic indie-folk sonic exploration as he documents the emotions of lusting for someone you are no longer connected to. Brought to life by vivid confessional lyricism and the musicians captivating vocal performance, Snowflake arrives alongside an official visual, written and directed by Hart alongside Jack Moran and Eddie Yabsley.

“Snowflake is about wanting someone you can’t have, or more specifically haven’t had in a long while,” Hart shares. “Then when you think it might work out, they make you too damn nervous to be fully yourself, like you were before you met them. It’s quite funny because I wrote this a couple weeks before I met someone I was really attracted to, and didn’t quite understand my own lyrics, until the situation came to fruition. Be careful what you wish for!”

To celebrate the release, Hart will take to the stage at Sydney’s Golden Age Cinema & Bar next month to launch the track. Tickets are on sale now!

Snowflake is out now!


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