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The Hills is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Australian rock exports The Faim recently dropped their anthemic new track, The Hills. To celebrate the release, the band are taking MILKY behind the scenes of their life on the road, writing and recording music and more!

The Hills is a song which touches on anxiety and the desire to go back to that place where you can reconnect with yourself and take a breath.” comments guitarist and songwriter Sam Tye. “For Josh and I, the Perth hills is one of these places and after two years of being on the road, coming home gave us a moment to reflect on the sometimes-overwhelming experiences you have whilst touring. I hope this song helps people find that place for themselves.”

Reading Festival 2019. It’s still the biggest show we’ve played, and we were incredibly honoured to play the prestigious festival for the 2nd year in a row. One to tell the grandkids for sure.

The snare head blowout. Touring can be pretty grueling not only on band and crew, but also our gear. In this case I managed to break the resonant head of my snare (the side you don’t hit) in the second last song of the set. Then Josh decided to carry it around the stage and sing into the drum while I tried to source a replacement. Good times.

The car from ‘The Hills’ music video. No air con, no power steering and a gearbox that wouldn’t co-operate but nonetheless a whole lot of fun to drive! The driving scenes were the first scenes we shot for the video and were the most fun to film!

Off Days. Sometimes during a tour, we manage to score an off day. These are usually rare, so we usually plan well in advance to make the most of it. On this particular off day the band and crew managed to visit Niagara Falls. Pretty spectacular to say the least!

Iconic venues. We’ve had the privilege of playing at many amazing venues around the world but every so often one comes up that hits a little different. For me, that was the Metro in Chicago. I can’t recall how many YouTube videos I’ve watched of iconic artists like the Smashing Pumpkins and Jeff Buckley playing at this venue, so to add our name to the list of bands who have played it was surreal!

This photo was taken in early mid 2020 and was sort of the beginning stages of our sophomore album. We had a lot to figure out at this point, which explains all the gu itars.

This photo was taken whilst out shopping for some new fits. We had our first photo shoot since 2019 coming up a couple days after and thought it would be a good idea to retire so me of the clothes we had been living in for awhile.

Steve and Sam’s initial pedalboard setups for tracking Ease My Mind. There were still many changes to be made during the recording, but the winner of most used pedal would have to be the Moog Minifooger MF Drive.

Josh waiting to track some vocals.

This was when we were recording our single Ease My Mind at Underground Studios in Perth. This was when we decided to try and balance an old desk partition at an attempt to build a makeshift “vocal booth” for tracking demo vocals. It lasted about 10 minutes.

The Hills is out now!

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