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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Check out our exclusive behind the scenes gallery from the video shoot of Pretty Boys!

Image: Dom Gould.

Gold Coast five-piece Ivey are back with their new single, Pretty Boys. To celebrate the release, the band are taking MILKY behind the scenes of the video shoot, and we're bringing you along!

”This song is dedicated to all the single girls living their best lives, getting rid of the stereotypes, killing the label of “slut” for girls who wanna have fun and sleep around, because it’s the 2022 bish." the band share.

To celebrate the release, Ivey will be bringing their live show to audiences across the east coast. Kicking off in Newcastle on June 23, the tour will continue on to Bondi and Wollongong, before wrapping up in Melbourne on July 1. The five-piece are also set to perform at Surface Festival, Springtime Festival and Jungle Love Festival across Queensland later this year.

"This was fun for me because singing to Hannah Montana around my room with a hairbrush is part of what got me into this industry"

"I was working on this scrapbook for 2 days, I still have it and want to fill it with pictures from the rest of the (ep ).

"We got to jump on our stylists' bed, it was fun and looks so good in the film clip"

"This is Lachie and I being idiots after trying to take a decent photo for socials. This image pretty much sums up what the BTS of our film clips are like."

"Just the film clip this scene is sick!"

"I love this shot, it was so much fun to shoot this film clip, and is us just living out our best popstar lives"

Pretty Boys is out now!


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