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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Harder to Fake is out now!

Image: Bradley Murnane

Australian folk duo, Hollow Coves have unveiled their new single, Harder to Fake. To celebrate the release, they're taking us behind-the-scenes of their recording process whilst creating the song.

“Last year, we played at an event that Matt Corby had put on to raise money for victims of the floods in the Northern Suburbs of New South Wales in Australia. After the show, we got chatting with Matt Corby and we connected really well. We were both keen to see what we could make together, so we ended up going to his studio, which happened to be not too far from where we lived, and did a few writing sessions. We ended up writing five songs together." Hollow Coves share.

"We were all in a room together trying to come up with an initial idea. I had a guitar part and rough melody that I had been wanting to work on for a while so I thought I would test it by starting to play it and see if anyone would comment on it. Straight away, Matt Corby expressed that he liked what he heard so we took the idea and ran with it. From there, a lot of the song came quite quickly. We recorded the main guitar part quickly and then Matt Corby jumped on the drum kit and started recording some really cool drum parts to make a quick demo. A lot of the parts from the demo ended up being used in the final recording.”

This weekend, Hollow Coves will take to the stage in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with Garrett Kato and Mou. Tickets are on sale now!

Harder to Fake It was co-written and produced with Matt Corby and Alex Henrikkson at Matt’s studio ‘Rainbow Valley Studios’. We were excited to try something new and dive into some unchartered territory with this one. This collaboration really helped to push us out of our comfort zone and created a really interesting flavour to this track.

We had Matt Corby’s son, Huey, in the studio with with us most days. He is an absolute character! This is him helping us try to find a synth patch for the song

Matt is either vibing out, or a bit concerned with how the song is progressing here haha. Alternatively, he could just be on a rant about the music industry or some wild story that came to his mind. Who knows! We had a lot of great yarns in the studio.

The drums on this song were played by Matt Corby. He had an amazing ability of being able to do something different every take. The flavour that he brought on the drums was really exciting and fresh for us. This was probably him in focus mode going through his drum takes to find which one had the right vibe for the song.

The crew all together after the song was finished. Django, Matt’s dog, wanted to jump in as well considering he was there through the whole process.

Harder to Fake is out now!


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