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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


That's Time Flying is out now!

Image: Ben Schoonderbeek.

Australian outfit DIVERS have shared their new single, That's Time Flying. To celebrate the release, the band are taking us behind-the-scenes of their recording process whilst creating the song.

With That’s Time Flying we were trying to capture those feelings of our youth, going out to heaps of 21st's with your best mates and the pure love of those moments. The chorus is about the relationship one has with substances and how they deceive you in the moment and you think they’re your friend, but leave you feeling miserable the days following.” the band share.

The add of the songs music video, “We tried a ‘less thinking, more doing’ approach with this clip. We had a really small window of time before everyone went away overseas on holiday, so on a Tuesday night after work we headed to Spotlight with a 100 dollar budget. We ended up buying 4 orange jumpsuits, 4 buckets and some tin foil. Took it all back to HQ, knocked up a green screen in the band room and sent it to the moon.”

DIVERS will hit the stage at Shotkickers in Melbourne on July 21 to launch the single, supported by Longboys and Mature Themes. Tickets are on sale now!

This is a photo of Ben, AKA Benis in the headquarters, putting down a guitar track for the final song on the EP called ‘New Lands’. Judging by the moccasins he's wearing, he’s comfortably laying down a rhythm track we suspect. You can tell this is the case by understanding his usual routines. If he's about to lay down a guitar solo he will usually lace up pretty tightly in a pair of Asics for support and speed.

Scotty recording vocals for Security on a Shure Beta 57A mic. We realised such a clean, crispy mic wasn’t the correct formula for a man of this nature. Scott remembered he still had the PA mic he stole from his school principal back in 2013. We whipped that out and he one-taked the whole song, like a speech at a monday afternoon assembly that scott was all too familiar with when he was house captain of Guys Hill. This photo was taken during a ‘band camp’, where, in an attempt to locate inspiration through exploration, we take the gear and work on new music. Life is beautiful, inspiring and fucked up. We love the process of travelling to new environments. We’re very grateful we’re able to do it, and Victoria is just bonkers beautiful every direction you go. This one looks to be in Seymour.

Young Jacobson and Scotticus exploring the land and absorbing the beauty of mother nature. This location is in the sleepy town of Sandy Point. We went up there for about 4-5 days to work on some songs. After hours of listening and massaging the same few songs, we decided to take a break and go for a walk to attain respite from the insanity inducing repetition of song craft. This would have been somewhere in between the recording session of “That's Time Flying”. We were struggling to find the words for the vocal melody in the chorus and I remember Ben was off in the distance trying to get close to a lone blue hooded robin. He was completely silent, with one hand reaching out to try his chance at getting the bird to eat from his hand. As we walked up to them to try and get a closer look for ourselves, the robin got startled and flew off. Ben turned to us with a look of despair on his face and said “that’s my friend, loves me and leaves me.”

In an attempt to secure some rest after some seductive drum takes, while the others search for the new sound, Sleepy Tom assembles couch cushions that were once used as acoustic treatment into an improvised bed frame. There’s a couch in the studio but it’s always occupied by 2 f***ing guitar amps and a 12 string acoustic. The UDO Super-6 synthesiser can also be spotted to the right of the frame, also attempting to acquire the illusion of rest. They’re likely tired of hearing the same guitar part 27 times - can't really blame them. Rest up gentlemen, we’ll speak to you soon. Despite Tom’s body language, it is known that Super-6 and Tom had a good relationship and still catch up frequently.

Street view from outside our home studio. It features interchangeable fluro lighting. We have a box of globes in the corner with a selection of colours, the colour will be changed when we’re looking to boost a particular emotion. The green-blue combo is the well known Intelligence and Speed buff. On the rare occasion, while jamming, if our collective emotional energy hits a certain threshold, the lights will change colour automatically, with no physical interference. When this occurs, we know that the song we were jamming on has reached peak energetic potential (PEP) and we move on. It’s also helpful to determine the potential colour palette of the single art for the song. Security’s single art was decided to include water due to the double blue fluro-response we received.

I cannot finish without mentioning the George Foreman Sandwich Press. It can be seen in the kitchen. It plays an integral role in providing food for the band. You can cook anything on it. Even eggs.

That's Time Flying is out now!


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