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Drunk is out now!

Sydney-based singer songwriter, Hugo Basclain recently dropped his new single, Drunk. To celebrate the release, the musician is taking MILKY behind the scenes of the video shoot, and we're bringing you along!

Built upon seething production juxtaposed lulled piano melodies, vulnerable and introspective lyricism explores a long-relationship that suddenly meets its demise, brought to life by Basclain's emotive and luring vocal performance. Directed by Alexander Leeway, the songs visual captures the songs conceptual exploration, following the musician and his partner as the spark within their relationship diminishes, ending in an emotional climax.

Drunk is about a long relationship I had that ended really suddenly, so with this track it was really important to try emulate that feeling of going from something so pretty and stable to something super chaotic.

That was the whole concept of the video, recreating that experience and not trying to make it something it wasn’t, we tried to be super literal but in a dreamy, chaotic way.

Shooting with Alex and the rest of the crew was a really fun experience. It was honestly a very full-on shoot, being over 3 days and having so many different locations it was definitely a hectic 3 days but it was so rewarding seeing it come to fruition. Being my first music video it was definitely a little new to me but being able to express the song in a new way and somewhat reliving what it felt like being in that situation was super therapeutic.

Drunk is out now!

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