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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The band take us behind-the-scenes of the creation of their new EP!

Image: Supplied.

Brisbane’s Future Haunts recently dropped their third EP I Can’t Change The Way You Change. Recorded at Plutonium Studios, the band enlisted Aidan Hogg on engineering and mixing duties, with the EP mastered by William Bowden. The four-piece are taking us behind-the-scenes of their time recording the EP, with an exclusive photo diary!

Featuring the singles Social Glue and Accelerator, the collection of songs captures the uneasiness of living in uncertain times. Playing out atop their signature indie-rock sonic palette, the four-piece tackle themes of impending fatherhood, the devaluation of the arts, the patriarchy and climate change.

"We recorded the EP with Aidan Hogg at The Plutonium in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. Tom and Stu have worked with Aidan a lot in the past and we’ve all spent a lot of time there so it made sense to record there. That space is so comfortable and Aidan is amazing. I think we work really well as a band when we’re in the studio. We all have different tastes in music but they seem to compliment each other nicely in the recording process." drummer Stu McKenzie shares with MILKY.

"We recorded this during 2020 COVID lockdowns which was a pretty hectic time for all of us. It did give us a bit more time to dive into guitar world and play around with sounds which was great. We all love a bit of film photography so there were plenty of point and shoots getting around. We brought a few bottles of wine and played a few games of driveway basketball. It was such a fun time and it’s great to have the snaps to look back!"

I Can’t Change The Way You Change is out now!


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