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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Spaceship is out now!

Image: Bonn Creative.

Melbourne’s Angus Legg has released his new single, Spaceship. To celebrate the release, the musician is taking MILKY behind-the-scenes of creating the track.

“Spaceship was written about 6 months ago, I wrote it directly after breaking up with my partner of two years… Spaceship explores imaginative, otherworldly scenarios, almost desperately begging for them to be a reality. The lyrical punchline drives home that it was not only the end of the relationship, it was the beginning of an uncomfortable, foreign journey neither of our emotions were prepared to embark upon.” Legg shares.

He adds of the visual, “It was my first time shooting a film clip where I had to fulfil a romantic role, so it was foreign territory for me… The story follows two lovers through different scenarios, it looks very makeshift, it’s meant to, there’s meant to be a layer of instability to the fantasy. It follows the lovers through situations where things keep going wrong, it’s playful, it’s sad and it’s fantastical. The final scene is the dose of reality I want to hit hard; it’s the inevitable truth I had to face with my partner, it was heart wrenching for me, I hope the listeners can relate.”

This was Jim’s shrek helmet/hat/balaclava which made an appearance throughout the day if things were getting loopy. It is also apparently the only selfie that appeared throughout the process.

A screenshot from the acoustic guitar recording for Spaceship. Fun fact, we recorded the guitars three times because we initially couldn’t create the tone we desired. I used my Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 to record the final guitars. Also, this is a great endorsement for my jawline, win win.

We recorded live drums in Jim’s studio for the instrumental part of the record, we only had a snare and a hi-hat so I had to emulate using a kick drum using nothing but the air and my foot. I grew up playing drums, it was my first instrument, I played for ten years so it was nice to get behind the wheel again.

In order to get an array of textures and sonics on the record, we explored multiple creative avenues. Using a paintbrush to play a four stringed strange box guitar was one of them, it also ended up in the final mix, if you listen carefully, you probably still won’t hear it.

This is a still of Jim doing a bunch of technical manoeuvres that I have minimal understanding of, however I admire everything about his musicality and creativity so I thought it would be cool to include. He has also recently had a fun haircut and I think it should have its own moment.

Spaceship is out now!


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