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The release features collaborations with BOY SODA, Kwame and Kymie.

Image: Supplied.

Sydney-based artist Phil Fresh is back with his new EP, L.A.T.E. Featuring the previously released singles IG LUV and Never Know, the release is laced with lyrical mastery playing out atop superb production.

Navigating themes of love and heartbreak, sugar coasted with millenial anthems that tackle the age old 'sliding into the DM's', the genre-defying release continues the musicians distinct fusion of hip-hop, pop and R&B. L.A.T.E also sees the musician team up with local legends, BOY SODA, Kwame and Kymie.

Speaking of the release, the musician shares: "L.A.T.E. is a project that explores the relationship between love and timing, whether it’s about someone getting back to you too late, hitting someone up too late or being too late to realise that this person wasn’t right for you. I think people put so much focus on the late timing of things that I realised that the right thing for you will always be on time. I often refer to this EP as the soundtrack to being single, and I think the lyricism and instrumental arrangement shows this cycle of feelings and emotions really well."

Having burst onto the scene in 2017 with his debut album, Excursions Of Love, Fresh has been slowly building a dedicated fanbase. Paying tribute to his Tongan heritage throughout his releases, the musicians passionate releases have placed his on stages nationwide, having toured with the likes of Kaiit, imbi and Triple One.

L.A.T.E is out now!


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