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Image: Cam Hicks.

Grammy®-nominated Mexican-American singer-songwriter Omar Apollo continues to stun with his beautifully crafted new EP, Live For Me. Having burst onto the scene in 2018 with his self-released, back-to-back EP's, 2018’s Stereo and 2019’s Friends, Apollo began introducing the world to his self proclaimed "bedroom soul" sonic realm. His fusion of R&B and pop paired with his undeniably smooth and mesmerising vocals lured listeners in and has held their attention ever since.

His lyrical exploration of romantic yearning, self-improvement, cultural heritage and identity form the basis of his releases, and is ever present on Live For Me. Having gained a legion of fans with his debut mixtape, Apolonio, 2022 saw the release of his compelling debut album, IVORY The body of work featured the Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo produced single, Tamagotchi, and led to a sold-out headline tour and set at Coachella. Later this month, the musician will take to the stage at Madison Square Garden, making his headlining debut at the iconic venue alongside Daniel Caesar. It's safe to say Omar Apollo is shooting for the stars and has no sign of slowing down, with Live For Me serving as the latest in a string of luring releases from the musician.

Opening with a melancholic piano melody on Ice Slippin, Apollo reflects on coming out to his family and the thoughts that lingered within his mind. Co-produced by the musician and Teo Halm (ROSALÍA, Beyoncé, Lil Yachty), his delicate vocal performance vividly brings the songs personal lyricism to life and continues to prove his prowess as a contemporary songwriter. This continues on the EP's title track, Live For Me, which finds the singer embracing life and love even throughout the bittersweet moments. His soulful vocal runs are complimented by lush and layered harmonies, with poetic lyricism delving deep into his inner thoughts and emotions.

Angel continues the layered vocals of its predecessor, creating a more textural listening experience through it's more distorted nature above delicate guitar melodies. A beat soon sweeps in followed by magnetic synth work, as he explores self-love and familial relationships. Whilst still retaining the more pulled back sonic palette of the EP, Angel's pivot into an electronic leaning soundscape allows for a fruitful detour that showcases Apollo's multifaceted musicianship that continues on the EP's closer, Pilot. Here, all of his influences fuse together to create a mesmerising listen that will leave you excited for what the future holds for Apollo.

“These four songs are a reflection of the realities I've had to face in the last few years. Coming to terms with the person I was becoming and letting go of the old to be able to feel like myself and whatever purity I had left. Addressing parts of me I've compartmentalized, leaving myself feeling a bit exposed. I know it’s only four songs but they hold a lot of the weight I've been carrying throughout my life. I feel lighter now and ready for the next phase of whatever life has to offer.” the musician shares.

Live For Me is out now!


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