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On their third studio album mama’s boy, alternative trip LANY employ acoustic based instrumentals, going back to their southern roots and paying homage to their hometown. The conversational tracks is an exploration of frontman Paul Klein’s relationships with his lovers, family, friends and Jesus. The record is fairly more reflective than the bands previous releases, setting the bar high within an already high calibre catalogue of music. LANY continue to move from strength to strength with each record, perfectly exhibiting their musicianship and lyrical mastery on mama’s boy.


The legendary Mariah Carey has treated fans with fifteen unreleased tracks from her thirty year career on The Rarities. Filled with soaring ballads and upbeat tracks, the release is an intricate look into the vocal evolution of the singer, also expertly highlighting Carey’s range and versatility as a vocalist and songwriter. One of the albums standouts is the singers cover of Out Here on My Own from from the 1980 musical film Fame. If that wasn’t enough, Carey has also included live recordings taken frothier 1996 concert in Japan whilst the singer toured the world on her Daydream Tour.


Your new favourite rock super group have dropped their debut album! Forming all the way back in 2017, The Jaded Hearts Club brings together Australia’s own Nic Cester (Jet) and Miles Kane (The Last Shadow Puppets) on frontmen duties, guitarists Graham Coxon (Blur) and Jamie Davis with Matt Bellamy (Muse) on bass and drummer Sean Payne (The Zutons). You’ve Always Been Here, isa collection of Northern Soul cult hits and jazz standards. For the album, Bellamy and Davis spent countless hours researching which material they wanted to feature on the record. The band hope to bring new life to classic tracks with their raw and soulful takes tracks from the world of Northern Soul. “Living in L.A. it seems like no-one has heard of Northern Soul,” says Davis. “We just love the story of how the north of England fell in love with American soul music even after it stopped having hits, and using that music as the soundtrack to a good night out.” Bellamy added, “The Jaded Hearts Club is continuing the tradition of how bands like The Beatles and The Stones started out - finding great soul and blues standards and recording them in a more modern style.”


Yesteryear is the sophomore album from Aussie duo, Cosmo’s Midnight. Documenting their personal growth, the self-titled record narrates experiences within the duos lives and how they shaped them today. Filled with nostalgia, Yesteryear also brings about moments of melancholia set to a funk, alt-pop, disco soundscape, inspired by the music of the 70s and 80s.


On her eighth studio album, Melanie C celebrates girl power in a modern landscape, whilst also celebrating the singers own journey to self-acceptance. Throughout the record, the former Spice Girl gives some of the best vocal performances of her career, bending genres from pop to soul to disco. Full of positivity and self-love, Melanie C breathes life and energy into each track. The Billie Eilish inspired Nowhere To Run is a standout on the record, and belongs on a multi-million dollar blockbuster film.


American singer Shawn Mendes has signalled a new era of his career, with the release of his new song, Wonder. The song navigates falling in love, and the highs and lows of fame and the affects it takes on an individuals personal life. The release is accompanied by a cinematic music video, which sees the singer within a variety of landscapes. Mendes is set to release his fourth studio album, Wonder, this December.


Sydney 4-piece Flight To Dubai have dropped their new track, Sparse Space. The track navigates feelings of uncertainty, with vocalist Atlas Abell sharing: “I wrote 'Sparse Space' at the back of the N50 nightrider bus on a late trip home from the city. The song follows the direct repercussions of an unsuccessful Hail Mary during a slowly fading relationship; my mental state mirrored the accelerated decrepitude of my love life.” Alongside the release, the band have announced a handful of headline shows in Sydney and Wollongong to celebrate their upcoming EP, Strife, due out October 16.


Sydney based songstress ILUKA has released her new single, A Beautiful Undone. The upbeat, retro-pop track is all about letting go and surrendering to the unknown. Giving a stellar vocal performance, the singer shares some insight into the track, saying: “I wrote this song at a very uncertain time in my life. The 'feeling' I was expressing was one of free-falling and surrendering to the mess of life and trying to translate the often abstract and symbolic feelings of that surrender and depth into words. To come a little unhinged, to release a little more, to cry a little harder, to dance a little wilder, to soften again and again. Because I think that it means a new story is unraveling. And that is a beautiful thing.”


Emo/pop-rock band Happy. dropped their new song, Background Noise, which serves as the second part of their previously released track A Cure For Wellness. Both tracks navigate the struggles of addiction. Vocalist/guitarist Tate Logan elaborates: “Both songs focus on the story of someone very close to me that I love very much struggling with addiction. 'Background Noise' in particular is a reflection of the experience from my side. It is a song full of forgiveness and understanding and love. After a lot of time and thought, I realize now how I could have handled the whole thing better.” The songs will appear on the bands upcoming album, Imposter Syndrome, due out later this month.


Rock legends, Bon Jovi have released their fifteenth studio album, 2020. Originally set to be released earlier this year, the record is full of anthem tracks and catchy hooks, displaying Jon Bon Jovi’s signature smokey vocals.


American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Paul Castelluzzo has shared the latest track from his musical project, Hether. Twinkle is the first song from the musicians upcoming full-length body of work, and is accompanied by an endearing, colourful music video directed by Mowgly Lee. Castelluzzo has played on tracks from Anderson Paak, Mac Miller, and Karli Uchis, whilst also being a touring member of Dominc Fike's band.


Sydney-based musician merci, mercy shares a new song from her debut EP, no thank you, no thanks. The track, Something You Like, conceptually navigates the toxicity some relationships can bring and how they can change an individual. The singers vocals shine over delicate, twinkling textures of alt-pop.


Sydney duo Me Again have dropped their first song of 2020, Last Night. The electro track thematically explores moving on from a toxic relationship, finding happiness in this new stage of ones life. The duos emotive lyricism is experts exhibited on the track, oner a synth driven soundscape. Juxtaposing the big choruses with paired back verses, Last Night is a standout release from the duo.


mxmtoon dropped her new EP, dusk. On the release, the 20-year-old continues her evolution as a songwriter and producer, whilst thematically navigating feelings of loneliness, isolation but also self-empowerment. The release is marked with the singer putting forward wallflower as her new single. Of the track, the musician shared: “at the beginning of my journey with music, i actually approached releasing my songs on the internet because i thought no one would listen to me. there was comfort in the anonymity, in thinking that i could shout into a void of people with no one to shout back at me. i got rather lucky though, and people found the art i was making. i wouldn’t change a thing in how my life has happened, but there are days where i crave backing into a wall and fading away as i watch the world go by. i think introverts can relate to this feeling of wanting to disappear and finding comfort in the shadows of the world. wallflower is for those who get overwhelmed on occasion by the realities of our world, and sometimes need to take a step back and breathe before they brave the storm again”.


The musical project of Max Pasalic, Up Late’s new track Alone is out now! The song navigates feelings of stress, anxiety and pressure, athat follow being a musician, and compares feelings of loneliness against being surrounded by fake friends. Of the single, Pasalic shared” “I wanted to create a song that was equal parts smooth and somber as it was harsh and aggressive. It’s a metaphor for how my mind operates. It’s a crashing of worlds, one moment I can be relaxed, and in-control and the next moment anxiety overtakes me and I become a different person"


Scott Darlow has shared his new track, Bind The Hands Of Time. Co-written by fellow Aussie musician Diesel, Darlow shares: “’Bind The Hands Of Time’ is a song that was born out of a really hard, but ultimately life changing, season in my life. Life is hard and problems can feel impossible to overcome, but overnight things can turn around and everything will begin to feel joyful again.”


Westside Romance is the second release from Brisbane singer-songwriter Tyla Jane. The track is a celebration of youth and young love over a synth-pop soundscape. The track continues the singers exploration of pop melodies and story telling lyricism.


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