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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the wonderful visual below!

Image: Tane Coffin.

Australian artist Montaigne has made her return, with her new single, Now (In Space). The release arrives alongside an official visual, taking on a karaoke style format set within an extra terrestrial world and made complete with satirical moments.

On the heartfelt release, the singer sings of the the strength of love and the longing to be together when apart. Full of infectious melodies and Montaigne's signature mesmerising vocals, Now (In Space) is just the first taste of new music, with the singer having teased her new album on social media earlier this week.

Now (In Space) is a kind of self-aware parody of myself, but it’s also completely earnest. The line “I love you too much, it’ll never be enough” encapsulates the sentiment. I wanted to convey that feeling where you love someone so much you’re squirming in your body because your body isn’t big enough for it. But you can never leave your body. So you’re just left there, a blubber of chemicals and rogue, obsessive thoughts about your partner. It’s probably the most generic thing I’ve ever written a song about because I know it’s a universal feeling.”

Having made her debut in 2016 with the album GLORIOUS HEIGHTS, produced by Tony Buchen, Montaigne took home the 2016 ARIA Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, with the album debuting at #4 on the ARIA charts. Her 2019 sophomore album COMPLEX was heralded by a national album tour, before the singer was selected as Australia’s representative for Eurovision 2020/21 with Don’t Break Me and Technicolour. To celebrate the release of Now (In Space), Montaigne will host a special streamed event on Twitch.

Now (In Space) is out now! Watch the visual below.


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