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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jess Gleeson

Sydney musician MAY-A has shared her new single, Time I Love To Waste. Continuing the narrative which began on Apricots, the singer shares her first taste of love in the continued story of a blossoming queer relationship.

Speaking of the song, MAY-A shares the song was “written on the same day as Apricots. Both were written in the space of 3 hours and are about the same girl.” Recounting their day together, from the cafe they visited the green Lacoste sweater her crush wore, the singer-songwriter describes every moment in vivid detail. “I was sure she liked me when I was writing it,” she continues, “but I’d personally never been interested in someone the way that I was into her. I was completely enamoured. I wanted to give her everything that she wanted and I truly felt like she was completely out of my league.”

Sharing another page of her diary with her audience, she continues "The lyric 'She's the time I love to waste' is really just about simplicity, and the pure and kind of childish way you know you really like someone when you just wanna waste all your time with them and in those moments nothing else in the world matters everything kind of fades into the background."Free of fear, doubt, and inhibitions, to reflect on the sickly sweet period of finding first love with earnest vulnerability means the most to Maya. "I’m not very good at expressing my emotions, I kind of just assume that people know how I feel without actually saying anything to them. I find it much easier to express myself in writing and this was the way I chose to tell her how I felt and just how much that day and those little moments meant to me."

MAY-A will make her return to the stage this March, hitting the road in support of the release. Taking to the stage in Sydney and Melbourne, the musician will perform two intimate shows as part of her debut headline tour, No Place Like Home. "I’m so psyched to play these songs live and reimagine them in different ways to bring out and emphasise the emotions I felt when writing them. I can’t wait to connect to an audience in ways beyond a phone screen" she says. Tickets available here.


Fri 19 Mar - The Lansdowne - Sydney -Tickets

Sat 20 Mar - Northcote Social Club - Melbourne - early show, late show

Sat 27 Mar - Lazyfest @ Mary's Underground - Sydney - Tickets


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