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Listen to the song below!

Image: Beth Ramsay.

Artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist M I L L has dropped his new single Metaphysical.

Recorded and produced by the musician alongside Tom Carter, M I L L presents up a thought-provoking cut that showcases his introspective and confessional wordplay. The musical project of Tom Millington, the musician explores the importance and healing nature of self-connection, reminding us to back and love ourselves.

“After a few difficult personal years I took it upon myself to turn my life around and be the energy I knew I could be. Over the transformation the creative fire burned bright, living and breathing the music as an extension of myself.” Millington shares.

Built atop dynamic sonics that weaves together notes of funk, hip hop, and electronica within one nu-funk encompassing soundscape, Metaphysical is a rambunctious moment from the musician that will keep you on your toes. Infectious drum grooves play out beneath groove-laden melodies and syncopated bass lines, whilst simmering guitar work ties the elements together. Millington's impassioned vocal performance brings his fiery lyricism to live, bringing his powerful lyricism to life.

To celebrate the release, M I L L will take to the stage at Godskitchen in Mornington next month. “Godskitchen is my home venue down on the peninsula. Gods was where I grounded myself as solo artist, coming from very band orientating creative begins.”

Metaphysical is out now!


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