Image: Supplied.

Sydney musician LOVER has today shared his bold and cathartic new single Wow. The release is accompanied by fast-paced performance video.

Co-written by LOVER and singer/producer Nick Ward, the song sees the musician continue his exploration of the alt-pop genre, weaving sounds inspired by 2000’s indie rock within the track. Through distorted vocals, the musician showcases his vocal range with his performance comparable to American musician Gus Dapperton.

Speaking of the collaboration with Ward, LOVER shares: “Wow was created on the first day I met my now friend Nick Ward. Instead of starting with softer beats that were more in the style of our other releases, we decided to try something completely different. After hearing the beat I told Nick I was going to start yelling and I’m not sure he believed me haha. Although I scared most of his family and neighbours we both were surprised to see it suited the song and ran with it. Nick went further on the production and ended up mixing the track too. The image in my head was of roadtripping with someone that you're in love with. The lyrics are all the things you are saying in your mind but struggle to say in real life. Thought it would be cool to 'yell' these lyrics since they go unsaid; it was really cathartic!'

Created by LOVER and Jayemol, the visual sees a live performance setting of the track, with the musician enlisting Ward on bass and Calmell of Cat & Calmell on guitar and his friend Min on drums. Capturing the energy of a rock show, the visual includes glitchy cut-in shots.

“The video for the song was filmed at The Good Egg Studio and was just a performance of all my friends playing the track. Myself and @Jayemol wanted to capture the ‘live’ and demo feeling the track has. It was such a fun shoot and song to play live, we had our friends in the studio the whole time watching and giving our energy back. After 10 hours of playing the song 106 times and a week of solid editing you have the video you see below!” LOVER shares.

Wow is out now! Watch the music video below.