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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Supplied.

Ethiopian queer electro-pop artist LION has delivered his simmering debut single, Not Your Fetish.

Laced with ??? presence, the dynamic track finds the musician kicking off his musical output with fierce and unapologetic cut. Darting beats and bombastic production simmer beneath LION's fierce vocal performance driven by empowering lyricism. Not Your Fetish explores the commodification of minorities and reiterates that everyones stories deserve to be heard in an unfiltered manner.

“As minorities and marginalized people, so many of us have narratives written for us by people who see us as two-dimensional. This song is a condemnation of those toxic narratives. We have the power to write our own stories, and we don’t need to censor or simplify them for anyone. Our stories are messy, complex, nuanced, and we refuse to be reduced to a fetish.” the musician shares.

The release arrives alongside a dance-heavy visual, directed and filmed by Fagan Wilcox and Jessica Galea. The striking red-soaked visual finds the musician delivering precise choreography alongside Adam Malone and finding his place on the throne.

Not Your Fetish is out now!


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