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Image: Lime Cordiale

Lime Cordiale’s highly anticipated sophomore album, 14 Steps To A Better You, is finally here and the record does not disappoint! The band, formed by brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach, have spent the last few years touring the world while working on the album. The brothers formed the band in 2009 with Brendan Champion and James Jennings, with Felix Bornholdt, Nick Polovineo and Brendan Champion later joining. Since then they have worked tirelessly, and in the past 18 months gaining international attention which led to their co-management deal with Chugg Music and global megastar Post Malone and his manager Dre London.

The album opens with That’s Life. The funky, daydreamy, mellow track is about being in the now and the importance of living in the current moment. Previously released single, Robbery, is a standout track from the album. The track has a 60’s feel, full of infectious hooks and references the feeling of meeting someone so briefly, yet they leave an impact on you. But before you know it, this person is gone, they are no where to be found. Whilst the track presents this idea in the form of a love story, the band have said it’s a feeling they’ve become all too familiar with in general while on tour.

No Plans To Make Plans creates the whimsical and care free sound the band are known for. Utilising everyones favourite instrument, the kazoo, the track is about people who are in a position of influence, yet only care about their own self-gain. They make no effort to use their position to so good. Never has a kazoo solo felt so damn good! The 2019 hit Inappropriate Behaviour features on the record. The track tells of a manipulative friend whose toxicity is an attempt to tear apart a relationship, something lead singer Louis has faced due to the negative connotations that can come with being the frontman of a band.

On Addicted To Sunshine, the band use their platform to advocate for climate change. “If I sit on my ass, will the world still go ’round? I’m stuck to my habits, I know I’m not alone”. The track touches on the ideas presented in No Plans To Make Plans, specifically focusing on the environment. One of the bands latest singles, On Our Own, could’ve soundtracked every 80’s prom. Its the kind of song that would play while a young Hugh Grant was running to his leading lady only to found out she’s boarded her flight and has left his life forever. The chorus takes on a different meaning each time it is played. At first it follows a verse about wanting to be alone with your partner before the second verse takes a turn, with the couple needn’t time apart. Upon the tracks conclusion, the tone has changed to that of loneliness and isolation.

We Just Get By has a Beatles vibe. The introspective track touches on appreciating the simple things in life and enjoying what you’ve got. Meaningful friendships and good experiences are more valuable than material objects, something society sometimes forgets in a world obsessed with creating the perfect Instagrammable lifestyle. Money is the antithesis of We Just Get By stands for. The track is about money and status and the lifestyle it brings. Where We Just Get By focuses on relationships that improve your quality of life through companionship, Money examines the lifestyle that marrying into money can bring you.

The super catchy Screw Loose is sure to be a big moment on the bands setlist. The track was written in Los Angeles one sleepless night and even includes a kookaburra laughing. “It’s a pretty dominating sound and very Australian but it places the song in the environment that we want it to be in,” Louis said in a press release upon the singles debut. The jazzy piano crooning Elephant In The Room is introspective on a relationship. It examines everything between a couple that isn’t working, something that isn’t easy to conclude. The band utilise the trombone to create elephant like sounds over piano-driven sweet and soothing melodies.

The previously released Dirt Cheap, is a simple love song that harnesses all the elements of a modern day relationship. The track was written in one day, utilising wobbly guitar sounds under laid back melodies. Can't Take All the Blame is an 80’s love ballad that takes arcade sounds on board. The funky track pairs the lighter arcade sounds with more heavy instrumentation. The track ends with an answering machine recording, with a spoken monologue by Louis.

The records penultimate track, Dear London, is an apology letter from Louis to the city after a visit that left him less than impressed. However, this was due to another person not the city itself. Sometimes its hard to disassociate the two, but Louis ensures on the track he doesn’t blame the city. The trombone is impeccable and flawless on the wistful track that really encompasses a dreary London day. The self-love anthem Following Fools is the final track of the album. The song tackles toxic masculinity and is the bands attempt to offer love to their fans and help them to be better people. The band are using their profile to promote helping one another, a theme that has popped up a few times throughout the record.

The record is full of everyday life situations. Dealing and commenting on love and friendships, referencing the camaraderie of friendships and the intimacy of companionship. With the title parodying self-help books, the tracks offer lessons to their listeners. The record promotes kindness and helping not only the people around you, but the world itself. 14 Steps To A Better You has a nostalgic feel to it yet still feels current and relevant. It is a body of work that shows not only the sonic development of the band throughout their career but also the growth they have undertaken within their personal lives. The record is sure to become the soundtrack to their fans lives.

4/5 Stars

14 Steps To A Better You is out now! Find all the details for Lime Cordiale's Speakeasy Listening Parties, here!


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