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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The release arrives alongside a stellar visual!

Image: Filmawi

British production duo Jungle have have dropped the latest offering from their forthcoming record Loving In Stereo, with the release of their captivating new single, Truth.

Built upon a Motorik rhythm, the punk-infused track brings a massive, joyous hook that will have you dancing around your home for the next four weeks of lockdown, much like the dancers in the visual. Directed by the duo, the songs vibrant music video captures the energy of the track. Shot in one continuous take, we follow a cast of dancers as they weave between colourful and vibrant rooms, with their movements escalating as their interaction grows.

Speaking of the track, the duo share: “Truth is another moment on the record which came very quickly and naturally. It was the most different sounding thing we had made at the time, and for that reason couldn’t ignore it. For us it's about youth, love and trust. The feeling of finding someone who means more than anything else in the world.”

Loving In Stereo is the third studio album from the duo, set to be full of huge dance-floor tracks that will soundtrack the back end of your year. The album also serves as the first time Jungle have collaborated with other vocalists, with Tamil-Swiss Priya Ragu and US rapper Bas both featuring on the record.

Watch the music video for Truth below! Loving In Stereo is out August 13.


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