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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Alec Mallia of Autosuggest below!

Australian electronic rock duo Autosuggest are backing up the release of their 2021 record, Introhedonism, with a brand new body of work due out early next year. We caught up with frontman and songwriter Alec Mallia to chat about the first taste of the record with Call Home and It Won't Come Back, working on two albums in the space of a year, how social media changed the trajectory of their career and more!

Their third record, Every Kind of You, is set to document a love tale that met its demise, with Mallia's intimate and introspective vocals laced throughout. Built upon tense, evolving guitar work and scintillating synths, their latest single Call Home is built around the lyric "home, get me close. Can't you see that I'd wade through it all. When I'm lost, it won't be till I can call home", exploring the passion, hesitation and embracing of love. Intricately weaving together sonic threads of rock and contemporary electronic sonics, the track, alongside It Won't Come Back, showcases the duos expert songwriting abilities and attention to detail.

Made up of Mallia and guitarist Jordan Sexty, Autosuggest made their debut in 2017 with their EP, Murmur. Two years later, the duo shared their debut body of work, Tame Harm, offering listeners a further glimpse into their electronica infused brand of indie-rock. Earlier this year, Introhedonism arrived alongside a legion of new fans and cemented the duos place as one of Australia's most exciting emerging acts.

Taking to social media platforms, most notably TikTok, Mallia began to fill the gap in the market: offering up his own video playlist where he gives his thoughts on a number of tracks he thinks you should be listening. 142 thousand followers later, and Autosuggest have reached a whole new fanbase.

Call Home and It Won't Come Back are out now! Watch our interview with Alec Mallia of Autosuggest above.

Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Video editing Assistant: Inkwell Co.

Featured Songs: Call Home and It Won't Come Back courtesy of Autosuggest.


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