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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The news arrives alongside a new track, Emerald

Image: Seamus Platt.

Brisbane singer-songwriter Hope D has shared the news her debut album, Clash Of The Substance, is set to arrive this October. Alongside the announcement, the singer has shared a new cut from the record with Emerald.

“I wrote Emerald when I started dating people during my first year out of school, and noticed that everyone was way cooler than what I thought I was. My interests naturally changed as I was freshly 18 and new to the Brisbane nightlife and music scene, but I also forcefully changed to try and impress my love interest at the time. Trying to impress someone is a funny situation in general, turning into a different person made me realise there is no point if we are all trying to be each other. Plus, you end up losing yourself and are left with no genuine personality.”

Across the body of work, Hope D is set to document her own coming-of-age story, navigating growing up in modern times and the human existence. With an acute focus on queer-love, heartbreak, hormones and alcohol, we have no doubt Clash Of The Substance will win the singer a new legion of fans.

Clash Of The Substance is out October 21. Read our interview with Hope D here!


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