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Windang duo Hockey Dad have today released their highly anticipated third album, Brain Candy. The title takes its reference from the chemical intake to sooth ones mind, and that’s exactly what the duo, Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson, have done on their third record.

Following up the surf-rock roots of their previous releases, the band are broadening their scope, making their third record their biggest yet. The eclectic genre-less record opens with the raucous In This State, acting as a bridge between previous records and Brain Candy. The confident track has a big chorus that is sure to become a great moment during live shows, full of fuzzy guitars and a captivating vocal performance. I Missed Out continues the tone set in the albums opener, this time exploring the idea of how their lives could have been had they never left their hometown.

Milk In The Sun and Good Eye are back-to-back standout tracks on the record. The songs expertly display the bands musicianship skills, with charming vocal performances and glittering guitar tones. The bands latest single, Germaphobe, is fitting for the times. The tracks video dropped today, which sees two individuals cause a zombie outbreak.

Mid way through the record, the band start to shift. Itch sees the duo more pulled back and experimental. The track tackles uncertainty and marks the beginning of a slower side to the album. Heavy Assault takes its cue from grunge whilst Nestle Down pairs some of the albums most gripping melodies with striking chords. Dole Brother is an effortlessly cool tune. The bright ragtag indie track is sure to become a summer sing-a-long.

Closing with the introspective Looking Forward To The Change, the record is a departure from the sounds we’ve come to know from the duo. However, Brain Candy delivers! The album sees the band explore new musical avenues, and experiment more with their sound. With a welcomed change of pace, they have a lot more to say on their third record.

4/5 stars.

Brain Candy is out now!


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