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Perth four-piece band Great Gable have finally released their long awaited debut album, Tracing Faces. The record is a continued exploration of the sound the band have been building upon, yet it reaches new levels. Produced by Alex Henriksson and Matt Corby, the album was recorded at The Music Farm in Byron Bay.

“Recording at The Music Farm surrounded by nature definitely influenced the overall vibe of the album,” says bassist Chris Bye of the recording process. “Working with Alex Henriksson and Matt Corby was incredible, they are such legends. They helped us bring out the best in our songs and really inspired us,” drummer Callum Guy added.

Opening with the title track, Tracing Faces reflects upon meeting someone for the first time, and overall the relationship. Taking reference from psychedelic music from the 1960’s, on the track Whiteman gives an aggressive vocal performance over relaxed guitar melodies. The hypnotic, previously released single Blur continues the fun, with the band documenting touring life and the routine that being on the road brings. I Wonder utilises field recordings by the band, opening with the sounds of Sydney Airport with the track also featuring recordings of the band tearing up gaffer tape.

Tracks like Deep End and All My Fault are more demure, giving listeners moments of breath between the more upbeat, rock filled tracks. Deep End is a standout track that navigates finding the courage to make hard decisions that could hurt others, but can be for the best. All My Fault continues on the same wavelength lyrically, exploring the guilt of letting someone down. When grouping these two tracks with No Other Way, a trilogy exploring making decisions that affect multiple people and the after effects of those decisions is apparent. No Other Way seems like the continuation of Deep End, where there is relief and understanding regarding the tough decisions made.

The record ends with a phone recording of guitarist Matt Preen playing some chords with Whiteman whistling over the top. The low-fi quality of the track gives listeners a moment of contemplation, after the fun and wild ride the band took them on throughout Tracing Faces.

The long-awaited album is a testament to the bond and strength of band members Chris Bye, Callum Guy, Matt Preen and Alex Whiteman’s relationship. It is upbeat yet contemplative, loud but vulnerable and conceptually explores love, heartbreak, betrayal and mental health. The tracks are an incredible showcase of each members musicianship and talent, full of catchy melodies and guitar lines that will be stuck in listeners heads. It may have taken a few years, but Great Gable have well and truly delivered on their debut.

4/5 stars.

Tracing Faces is out now!


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