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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Best Friend is out now!

Image: Tom Lewis.

West Australian indie-rock favourites Great Gable are back with their new single, Best Friend. To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY stories about their best friends.

Best Friend was written and recorded in the middle of a Western Australian summer. The song reminds me of being at home with my best friend doing all the little things that make our home and life so special. It feels warm and nostalgic just like a trip to your favourite beach.” says frontman Alex Whiteman of the Dave Parkin (Spacey Jane, Jebediah) produced track.


Growing up my best friend (read only friend) was my brother. We got up to all kinds of mischief together but he was really good at this video game called Guitar Hero. I mean REALLY good. We spent a lot of time playing at home and one day my Dad won a radio contest that involved playing Guitar Hero against other listeners. Well, Dad let us do it in his place and the judges didn’t mind one bit… after all, we were just a couple of kids. I had way too much fun with my rock and roll moves and got knocked out pretty early. My younger brother on the other hand, ended up winning a thousand bucks and went on to meet Def Leppard and smashed their guitarist at the game too. On expert mode of course.


Once upon a time a best mate of mine who happens to play bass in our band, ended up getting quite ill on a trip to play a festival in New Zealand. It happened very last minute and he couldn’t make the show so we had to figure out what to do in the space of a 4 hour car ride. I ended up learning as much as I could on the bass in the back of the car and filled in, but it made me appreciate how good our boy Chris plays the bass :)


A few years ago one of my best mates and GG’s old drummer, Cal, took a hard fall after riding his suitcase down a steep hill at our Air B&B. No one though much of the fall at the time… It took him 12 hours and a plane flight to tell us that something didn’t quite feel right. It turns out that he’d broken his wrist! He went on to play a festival and two seperate tours one handed without missing a beat


I’ve currently got three best friends.. Guinness, my beautiful girlfriend and cheddar cheese. In no particular order. 

Best Friend is out now!


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