Image: Clyde Munroe

GRAMMY Award-winning and multi-platinum artist Daya has released her new single, Bad Girl. Co-written by the musician alongside JKash, Michael Pollack, Madison Love and Andrew Goldstein, the track was produced by Goldstein and Charlie Puth and will feature on Daya's forthcoming EP, due out this year.

Across its lyrics, sonic structure, and visuals, Bad Girl finds Daya confronting her sexuality and identity as a bisexual woman, the desires that have propelled and shaped her, and the common implications of the term "bad girl". “To me, the lyric of ‘bad girl’ can be used in an almost ironic way to play out the ‘problem child’ or archetypal rebel, flipping the script so that a ‘bad girl’ can be anyone who is confident and asserts themselves boldly in the world and doesn’t necessarily have to adhere to the stereotypical bad girl ‘look,’” the 22-year-old says. “But rather can appear anywhere on the binary from leather jackets & boots to red lips and dresses and pearls.”

The release is accompanied by a visual,directed by Clyde Monroe. Inspired by the Old Hollywood aesthetic, the visual sees Daya taking back claim of her femininity, set against the backdrop of a club that serves as a symbolic utopian haven where pressures of conformity simply do not exist and anyone can be free to explore and push the boundaries of gender, sexuality and expression.

“I’ve grappled with my femininity for a long time. I didn’t like being called ‘pretty’ when I was younger and wouldn’t generally subscribe to conventional beauty standards,” Daya explains. “But as I’ve grown into my sexuality and throughout my relationship, I’ve felt more at home in my femininity, physically and emotionally, mainly because my femininity is no longer ‘required’ or defined by being with a man.”

Bad Girl is out now! Watch the music video below.