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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The musician will visit our shores this October!

Image: Adam Scarborough.

Acclaimed English singer, songwriter and guitarist George Ezra has unveiled his third studio album, Gold Rush Kid. The musician has also announced his return to Australian stages, with a national tour penciled in for later this year.

Offering his most intimate collection of songs yet, laced with reflective lyricism that creates a conversational and autobiographical body of work. Built upon atmospheric and mesmerising soundscapes, Ezra's captivating vocals float throughout the record, drawing you in with his inimitable tones and frank performance that feels like trading stories with an old friend.

“The Gold Rush Kid? That’s me,” Ezra shares. “It’s a character I’m looking to embody, to remind myself how I felt throughout the process of writing and recording these songs. Coming back off all the touring for the second album, I was really struck by what it was like to be away from the people you know and love for so long. You’ve also been away from day-to-day routine, from normality. So that reconnection is something worth pursuing: go and check in with that person. But then, when you think about it, touring is also a thrill – you get to see all these amazing places. And I realised they were two polar opposites that can’t exist at the same time – but they’re both worth pursuing! And, actually, that means you’re doing alright. Because it means that both sides of your coin are quite appealing. You might not have the balance right, at times, but they’re both worthwhile things.”

Kicking off at Aware Super Theatre in Sydney on October 29, Ezra's national tour will continue on to Melbourne's Sidney Myer Music Bowl on October 31 and Brisbane's Riverstage on November 2, before wrapping up at Kings Park & Botanic Garden in Perth on November 5. Tickets are on sale now!

Gold Rush Kid is out now!


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