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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Today's announcement arrives alongside a previously unheard version of Androgyny.

Image: Maria Jose Govea

Iconic rock-outfit Garage are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their third studio album, Beautiful Garbage. The four-piece have announced a new reissue of the record, which will include remastered tracks from the original recordings.

Today's announcement arrives alongside a previously unheard version of Androgyny. The album will be released across deluxe 3LP (with stickers, a poster and a setlist), white double vinyl, black double vinyl, deluxe 3CD, and deluxe digital formats. The deluxe packages include b-sides, demos, and remixes.

Speaking of the Beautiful Garbage reissue, Shirley Manson says, “we wanted to celebrate the release of our third album in the same manner as we have celebrated the 20th anniversaries of our previous two records, as we cherish this third child of ours just as much as its predecessors. Over time it has garnered more and more respect from our fans, with many of the songs remaining in rotation in our live sets to this day. We’ve always felt incredibly proud of this record and felt it was in many ways very much ahead of its time.

Twenty years down the line, we are all exceedingly grateful to have such well-crafted songs in our discography and are very proud that against all the odds we are still standing and can give our beloved album the tribute it so very much deserves.”

Earlier this year, the band unveiled their seventh studio album No Gods No Masters. Produced by Garbage and their long-time collaborator Billy Bush, the quartet began dreaming up the record in 2018, linking up over the course of two weeks to create the bare bones of the album. Through jamming and experimentation, the band later convened in Los Angeles to record and finalise No Gods No Masters. The bold collection of songs brings politically and socially charged lyricism, commenting on universal themes such as global unrest, climate change, the Me Too movement, sexism and misogyny.

Beautiful Garbage (20th Anniversary Edition) is out October 1. Pre-order here, and listen to Androgyny below.


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