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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Storm is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Wadawurrung artist Moss has teamed up with Yuin artist, producer and radio host, Nooky on Storm. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five things that inspire his approach to producing.

“From the eerie and howling Gumbaynggirr words 'Wind, Rain, Lightning, Thunder' to the unleashed vocals of Nooky, STORM to me is a very special record. Storms by nature are both beautiful and destructive and I think we found that in this whirlwind of our individual styles coming together. What started as a songwriting camp jam session quickly grew into the Category 5 that is now STORM. It’s been a wild journey telling this story alongside these crazy talented mob and what was brooding on the horizon is now upon us.” Moss shares.

Nooky adds, "Moss production goes hard, so it’s only fitting we finally got to work together. Storm came together quickly; Moss had a beat, and I freestyled my lil section. That's the story of Storm.”


To start I have to go with storytelling. If I have a good story I want to portray sonically through music, this is one of the quickest ways I get a record moving. Story is the most important part of any song and has been so for as long as we’ve existed - there’s something deeply inspiring in tapping into that.


Visuals are the next biggest thing for me. I find myself often working off of images - whether it’s nature photography or concept art, they’re something I always have in the back of my mind and can refer back to if I’m ever stuck on where to take a song. I’ve even got mood boards of images I think are ‘song-starters’ - tysm Pinterest :)


When I’m not producing, often I’ll be listening to either great records homies are dropping, works-in-progress or film scores. Scores tie together a visual and a narrative, so artists like Hans Zimmer, Ludwig Göransson and Hildur Guðnadóttir are alllllways on rotation. 


Whether it's for some grounding or a break / reset, nature is very calming and inspirational to me. If you listen closely, I’m using recordings of nature in nearly every track. Even just through voice memos, the iPhone mic quality nowadays is seriously great. So yes… if you’re a producer, get outside hahah


I feel like I’m going through the 5 senses here but texture is a final inspo. Whether it’s the sound of crumbling rocks to even the physical texture of a carpet, the active process of thinking “how does that sound?” is crazy cool to me. Especially that translation of something you can touch to be a sound through deconstructing the sonic / timbral elements. Shoutout to foley sound designers.

Storm is out now!


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