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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Pooneh Ghana

American musician Faye Webster has unveiled another taste of her new album, I Know I’m Funny haha, due out this June. Sharing the albums title track, the release arrives alongside an official visual, co-directed by Webster and her partner Booth.

Speaking of the track and its inspiration, Webster shares: “It went from being a thought, to a lyric, to a song title, to an album title. These are the thoughts that go through my head when writing a song - things that people might easily overlook and don’t think are worthy or pretty enough to be sung. I think that’s what people relate to it the most, and I think it’s an aspect of song-writing that you don’t get to hear often. This song feels all over the place but at the same time it tells a story so simple and understandable. Me not getting my security deposit back from my landlord, my partner’s family forgetting who I am because they were drunk, wanting to be in a rock band with Booth.... it almost sounds like a mad lib at first sight, but it just works”

I Know I’m Funny haha is set to see the musician tackle a variety of emotions, creating her most realised and polished body of work to date. Drawing inspiration from the lap-steel singer-songwriter pop of the 1970s and aching country hits, Webster also cites the rap and R&B community of Atlanta, Georgia. “This record is coming from a less lonely place,” Webster says of I Know I’m Funny haha, which finds her sound fuller, brighter, and more confident. “When I wrote AMC, I was living by myself and on some don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-own-time type shit. But now I’m living with my partner; I’m happy most of the time. I’m in such a different place. These songs aren’t necessarily happier, but it’s a different vibe.”

I Know I’m Funny haha is out June 25! Watch the visual below.


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