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Gold Coast musician DVNA takes listeners on a journey over a nine-track jazz soundscape on her debut EP, All My Friends. On the conversational release, the singer opens up, navigating themes of love and self-reflection. Self-recorded and produced from her own home studio during the COVID-19 pandemic, the candid tracks offer listeners a deeper understanding of the artist, Dana Lowrey.

Opening with a field recording of the mysterious busker known as ‘The Sax Man’, the track includes voicemail messages, setting the tone for the story that is about to be explored throughout the release. Sushi In Tokyo finds its influence from oriental samples, transporting the listeners to underground Japan. Conceptually, the track navigates a brief intimate encounter between two people. On Why You Gotta Be So Nice, the singer infuses reggae influences. The track is more soulful, pairing a hip-hop vocal performance over the jazz and reggae sounds, creating unique space.

Title track All My Friends, navigates the societal anxieties that follow living in an online world. The lyrical depth of the track is juxtaposed by the sarcastic tone of the vocal performance. A call to leave behind the anxiety that social media brings and the need for validation, the singer hopes to usher in a new era of transparency, instead of a curated online life. The pared back When I’m Your Girl is timely. The track conceptually brings the current state of the world to the forefront, navigating the paused state of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lowrey sings of how ones partner can make these trying times more comfortable.

Dynamically different to the songs on the EP, Half Past Sober sees the singer recall on a toxic relationship, that was captivating and passionate, but ultimately unstable. The intimate track has moments of softness and builds to a crescendo, an ending that erupts with emotion and anger. After hearing hints of ‘The Sax Man’, musician Jeff Reid, throughout the proceeding tracks, the saxophone comes to the forefront on the closing track, More To Give. The track is a reflection of Lowrey’s upbringing, examining the values and morals instilled within her at a young age.

Bringing her smooth vocals to each track, the refreshing jazz infused soundscape offers the space for the singers vocals to truly shine. The incorporation of voice memos creates an interesting concept EP, one that navigates different avenues of love and intimacy. Unapologetic and commanding, the singer doesn’t shy away from showing her vulnerable side. The release exhibits the multi-faceted emotions, secrets and thoughts that together make DVNA.


All My Friends is out now!


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