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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Dune Rats at THIS THAT below!

Aussie favourites Dune Rats have treated us all with their fourth studio album Real Rare Whale. Honing in on their sound to produce a more refined sonic palette, the band present a fun collection of songs that pivots away from previous conceptual explorations from the trio, instead pivoting away from a more satirical nature whilst still remaining all the fun we've come to love from the band.

“We’re pretty honest dudes with each other.. We’ve grown up, but we’re pretty fortunate that we haven’t grown apart. We’re now twelve years in, but I feel like we’re writing better tunes and finding that we’re getting to the core of who we all are, even though we’re still changing.” guitarist and vocalist Danny Beus shares.

“They still have the same energy, but they don’t lean on gimmicks as much.” BC says. “I don’t think there’s one swear word on this entire album (note: not true!), or any direct drug references, but it definitely still feels really fun. I didn’t even realise that until the album was written. I guess that’s part of growing older as well, it doesn’t mean it has to get boring, but it doesn’t mean it has to be cheap, either.”

To celebrate the release of their fourth album, Dune Rats will be hosting a number of album launch events. In Melbourne today, the band will meet fans at Soundmech in Collingwood, before taking to The Industrique in Coburg North for an exclusive live performance. Sydney's White Horse Hotel in St Peters will feature Dune Rats stage memorabilia tomorrow, whilst Bondi Tony’s Burgers and the return of Dunies Lager on tap, before the band take to the stage for three performances throughout the day alongside a special guest.

The hometown event in Brisbane will feature an album signing at Rocking Horse Records, with the band then heading to ‘Mayor of Coorparoo’s’ local for a special ‘Dunies Rock & Bowl’ show at Coorparoo Bowls Club. The Adelaide leg will kick off with a meet and greet at Clarity Records, and finish with a performance at Lion Arts Factory. Each stop will also host an exhibition from David ‘BunnyMan’ Herington, the bands longtime collaborator.

Real Rare Whale is out now!


Friday 29th July - The Industrique – Coburg North: Melbourne

Saturday 30th July - Dune Rats Hotel – St Peters: Sydney

Sunday 31st July - Coorparoo Bowls Club – Coorparoo: Brisbane

Thursday 4th August - Lion Arts Factory: Adelaide


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