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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Alex Lorking-Tanner

Aussie band Donny Love have shared their new song, The Lights. The band are also giving fans a behind-the-scenes look into how the track was made.

The exhilarating song is a comment on the decline of Australian suburbia, vividly capturing that essence. Whilst navigating that notion, the release also captures the spirit of the landscape, creating a nostalgic space where listeners can fondly recall upon their own experiences of suburbia. There are nods to neon domination, family, nocturnal life and more present on the track.

On The Lights, the bands singer and songwriter, Andrew Hodges, leaves behind the usual tongue-in-cheek lyrical tactics, swapping out irony and absurdism for a fragile and more reflective narrative. Their songwriting has become more expansive and reflective, which has allowed the band to create the romanticised space that has been set out on The Lights. Of the writing process, Hodges shared: "I tried on 'The Lights' to write from a more exposed, perhaps fragile place of my fractured psyche at that time, to understand the post-modern streetscape, dusk, the layering of memory and material in public spaces, and the individual's role within all of this."

With a stellar horn introduction, the production and structure of the track when paired with the instrumentation and lyrical mastery really embody the feelings of suburbia. In particular the laid back, romantic glow of Australian life.

For the first time ever, the band are pulling the curtain on their creative process, giving fans an exclusive look on how the track was created. Donny Love are sharing a collage of the life of the song, made up of soundbites of different sessions and ideas that arouse during the recording process.

The Lights is the bands second release of the year, following their single Boredom Pills. The tracks are set to appear on their sophomore album, Meeting of the Dons, due out later this year.

The Lights is out now!


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