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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Brae Fisher of Dear Seattle!

Indie-rockers Dear Seattle have shared a new taste of their sophomore album, Someday, with the release of Here To Stay. The introspective track explores searching for a better sense of self and shunning your own toxic traits to evolve to a place of accountability.

"When I was younger, I never doubted myself. It felt like a had a superpower; like if I set my mind to something and really worked for it, I could somehow always get to where I wanted to be. My brother even used to say that I “walked in the light” because of it. But the last few years have have been tough, and I can feel the time slowly chipping away at that confidence. I’ve started to feel the cracks of analysis paralysis creeping in and a tendency to feel like I’ve got nothing left of value to offer." Fisher shares.

"As a musician or a creative, its so easy to feel like what you’re doing doesn’t matter, or isn’t worthy of appreciation, or that your love of being creative is consistently clouded by bullshit like social media and the habitual comparison of yourself to others. It happens to everyone and it can make you want to give it all up. But I’ve since learnt that if you stop focussing on the ever-moving goalposts you set for yourself and take the time to look back at what you’ve really achieved and what you get to spend your time doing as an artist, you’ll see the true value of it all. It’s easy to miss it in the moment, but it’s always there… the passion, the drive, the inspiration, the love, the friendships, and the purest form of joy."

Having formed in 2013, Dear Seattle have carved their own path within the Australian music industry, releasing their debut EP Words Are Often Useless months after their formation. Since then, the band have dropped their self-titled sophomore EP and much loved debut album, 2019's Don't Let Go.

Watch our interview with Brae Fisher of Dear Seattle above!


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