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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied.

Melbourne five-piece Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird are back with their new single, When This Is Over. To celebrate the release, the five-piece are set to return to the stage this tonight for a sold-out performance at Melbourne's howler.

Serving as a beacon of hope after a tumultuous eighteen months, the track looks to the future and a return to days spent together, celebrating human connection and shared life experiences. The anthemic track is made complete with commanding horns, whilst driving percussion and warm guitar lines perfectly intertwine beneath frontman Lachlan Rose's comforting vocal performance.

"As far as artistic offerings go, the last thing I felt people needed was a reminder of the pandemic and its consequences. But as it unrolled and began to affect my loved ones so deeply, I started to formulate this hopeful sound that served as some kind of anthemic beacon of times to come. Hearing people talk of their plans to travel, connect, socialise, party was devastating in its hopeful simplicity, and the phrase “when this is over” was used all too frequently. It wasn’t about dragging people down to the depths of my isolation, but painting this hyper colour vision of the connection - romantic, spiritual, emotional - that awaited us on the other side. That’s where the horns, the brass, the drunken chanting, the soulful wailing from Gonzo and Pete all came into it. I wanted this steady, understated performance from myself while the musical world awakened around me, slowly but surely." details Lachlan Rose

"Our producer and engineer, Stephen Mowat, was so instrumental in bringing this song to life without compromising its earnest DNA. There are far fewer bells and whistles in these recordings and the track relies heavily on single take performances by the musicians. I gave a lot of direction to the players, particularly the singers in terms of imagining a visual and emotional moment - people hugging at the airport, friends meeting at the pub, families, festivals. That guttural, emotional human need to connect is central to the songs spirit. Funnily, the day Melbourne opened its borders the headline of the newspaper was “Together at last”, the repeated mantra of the bridge."

When This Is Over is out now!


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