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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The track sees the musician team up with Kwasi!


Melbourne musician Congrats has unveiled his superb new single, Overthink! The musical project of Slowly Slowly frontman Ben Stewart, the track sees the artist bring his signature sleek production, teaming up with Kwasi to drop your new favourite track.

Serving as the final teaser before the release of the musicians debut EP, the track combines Stewart's appreciation for pop sonics, whilst creating genre-bending soundscapes influenced by the likes of The 1975, Joji and Post Malone. The artist has a knack for candid and relatable lyricism, weaving together the fundamentals of pop and punk to create an enthralling track.

“Every time I step into a session with Congrats it’s exciting. He’s one of the few artists that can let go of any preconceived notion of what something “should” sound like and let the music speak for itself,” said Kwasi. “The session for ‘Overthink’ was effortless. It felt like the meshing of our diverse influences gave us a license to do whatever we wanted. The process of writing ‘Overthink’ was cathartic for me. A nice escape from the bullshit. The fact that the song is coming out is just a cherry on top.”

The release is accompanied by a lush visual directed by Kyle Caulfield, emulating the emotions of the track within the music videos narrative and scenery. The clip depicts the duo in a variety of settings, including grooving along to the track in an extravagant water fountain situated within a timeless world. “The video was heaps of fun, but humbling at the same time,” said Stewart. “Having to groove in the middle of a packed park on a sunny day or in front of a blue wall on a packed street can really test your confidence with bystanders looking in. I admire Kwasi and Kyle for the unrelenting confidence they had the entire time we were filming - we had a ball.”

“Working with Ben is always a pleasure, I’ve never told anyone such crazy wild ideas and had them completely trust my vision,” said director, Kyle Caulfield. “I’m yet to work with another artist as dedicated and driven towards creating the best work possible, Ben is always fulfilling the producer, assistant director, runner, and all other roles associated with these films, it’s largely due to his openness to run around and get costumes, organise locations, that films like this can happen in just a couple of days. The vibe shared between myself, Ben, and Kwasi on set definitely shines through in this clip."

With his solo-project, Stewart wanted to re-route his creative energy and explore avenues that differed from the usual territory his music existed within. Moving away from punk, rock and hardcore, the project is influenced by Stewart’s continuing love and appreciation with pop and hip-hop. On the releases, the musicians instantly recognisable and charismatic vocals continue to shine, this time over sleek production that ushers in a new era of Stewart’s career.

Overthink is out now! Watch the visual below and read our interview with Congrats here.


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