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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Kwong is set to arrive this May!

Image: Filmawi

North London creator Sam Tsang has dropped the second taste of his new musical project, Congee, with the release of Honest. The musician has also shared the news of the arrival of his debut EP, Kwong, due out this May.

Penned for his grandmother, the hopeful track explores drawing strength from our loved ones, finding solace and comfort from them during lifes harder periods. Continuing his exploration of captivating genre-blurring sonics, Tsang's textural vocals simmer above a dynamic soundscape, built upon offbeat synth sounds. The songs visual follows the musicians father, showcasing a day in his life.

“I wrote Honest for my nana. I wrote the chorus years ago after my granddad’s passing. I’ve always found it a comforting thought that he’s up there somewhere watching over us.” Congee shares of the track, adding of the songs visual, "“I told my dad I needed him for a music video I was making. Surprisingly he was very keen. I think it’s because his dad (my grandad) would always film the family with his camera. I’ve always found routines very interesting. I thought I’d show what my dad’s routine looked like. I dressed him up in an outfit that I made over lockdown. I wanted him to look and feel like a superstar going about his normal day."

"The more we got into the filming, the more he got into the role-playing himself. He would tell me to stop filming so he could re-do parts and even directed some scenes. The hardest part of the whole process was the miming. Some sections took like an hour for him to even get slightly close to where it looked in sync. We got there in the end.”

Having written and collaborated with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Sigrid, Maisie Peters and Griff, Tsang took a more solo approach to writing and crafting the songs set to appear on Kwong. Almost entirely producing, writing, recording and performing everything on the EP himself, the collection of songs documents the musicians own family life.

Kwong is out May 20! Watch the visual below.


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